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About Tehri Lake Festival 2018
Entertainment, excitement, adventure and endless stretch of azure blue water. That is Tehri Lake Festival for you!
Every year Uttrakhand Tourism organizes Tehri lake festival where one can find non-stop action blended with un-spoilt nature! This year the much-awaited 3 days water sports a nd cultural event is scheduled from 20th to 22nd April 2018 at Tehri Lake, Uttarakhand.
So book your seats to recharge yourself while enjoying water sports, culture events and scenic beauty all together in Tehri Lake Festival.
Come,experience the thrills of boating, jet skiing, banana rides, water skiing, surfing, canoeing, river-rafting, paragliding, kayaking and more, Watch scintillating celebrity performances, incredible aerial skills of adventures experts andgrand fireworks.
3 days of unforgettable fun. Memories for a lifetime!
About Tehri
Tehri is the administrative seat of Tehri Garhwal District. It derives its name from ‘Trihari’ a place that cleanses three types of sins namely sins born out Mansa, Vacha and Karmana or thought, word and deed respectively.
The pride of Tehri is the Tehri Dam, an engineering marvel and one of the world’s largest hydroelectric project. The dam harnesses waters of two important Himalayan rivers Bhagirathi and Bhilangana.
The ruins of old Tehri lie under water today. New Tehri is a modern town spread over an altitude from 1550-1950 mts above sea level overlooking the gigantic lake and Tehri dam

History of New Tehri

New Tehri has been created after the building of Tehri Dam due to which the old Tehri submerged under the water.
New Tehri is the only planned city of Uttarakhand which is developing as a popular tourist spot because of its pleasant temperature and salubrious weather.
The town also has a rich history to share. It was previously ruled by the Parmar (Shah) Dynasty until the Gurkhas invaded Garhwal in 1803.
However, British took over its control in 18th century and merged Kumaon, Dehradun, and east Garhwal into the British Empire.
After independence, in August 1949, Tehri Riyasat was merged with Uttar Pradesh and a new district called Rudraprayag was declared. Later on February 24, 1960, the state government separated one of its tehsils and introduced a new district called Uttarkashi.

How to reach?

Tourist can easily reach Tehri via Delhi or Dehradun and Haridwar. Buses and Private cabs and taxi are the best way to reach Tehri.

By Road

By Train

By Air
New Tehri Attractions & Sightseeing

One can explore hidden gems, visit happening places and do lot many things here. There are number of famous places in New Tehri where tourist can spend their times and explore its culture and history.

Tehri Dam

Koti Colony

Pratap Nagar
Places to Visit Near New Tehri

There are number of tourist destinations nearby New Tehri Town in Uttarakhand. There are number of hill stations near New Tehri where you can enjoy and extend your holidays in Uttarakhand.











Surkanda Devi Temple

Land Adventure Sports in Tehri

If you think you will only enjoy water sports in Tehri you will be surprise to know that the place offer ample trekking and mountain biking opportunities. choose your option while planning a trip to Tehri Lake.

Rock Climbing

Mountain Biking
Aerial Sports in Tehri

With Water sports you will be able to take part in Aerial adventure also. According to the government Aerial sports will constitute a major chunk of the activities planned at Tehri Lake. The following adventure activities will be available once the project gets finished.


Para Jumping

Hot Air Balloon
Water Sports in Tehri Lake

A major chunk of the Adventure sports will be Water sports as the location itself is Tehri Lake, which is of 44sqkms in area formed by the pristine waters of Bhagirathi River. The various sports facilities are

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